Six Weeks In

21.1.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

Some days, I have to consciously remind myself, I have a baby girl.  
Not that she's one to be ignored or forgotten, but it is just taking me time to completely relish in the fact that I have a daughter!  

After Henry was born, particularly after he turned one and became the ultimate little boy, I found myself picturing our family complete with a house full of boys - little stair steps lined up next to each other, never standing still and always picking on each other.  Of course I thought having a girl would be fun.  But just as fun as having more boys would be.  Not one better over the other, just different.

More than anything, once I became pregnant for the second time, Andrew and I both wanted a healthy baby.  
But how did I not know how completely smitten we would be over HER?  

She's what we needed all along.
The perfect compliment to her big brother and the best addition to our family. 

My little squish.  You weren't what I expected in the most amazing way.  And as quickly as these first six weeks have flown by, 
I can't imagine the joy and happiness you and your brother will continue to bring us in the next weeks, months and years.