Precious Moments

6.1.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

On Saturday morning, both babies woke up early, meaning both Andrew and I were also up early, both clearly exhausted.  As good of a baby Nelle has been for us, interrupted sleep just isn't the same no matter how many hours you piece together throughout the day.  We're shuffling with puffy, 
baggy eyes, not quite awake yet as Henry asked for a bananananana, then milk, then bread.  
(The eggs come later once we really get moving.  He's got to be growing as he is eating like a horse these days.)

The looming cold outside reminded me I probably wouldn't be going anywhere, and for a second, that seemed really daunting.  
An entire day inside again without much on the agenda.  I really wished I was still in my warm bed.

But, I wasn't, and that was fine.  I've learned a lot about turning my days around since becoming a parent.  
Being tired doesn't mean I have to have a bad day.  Being tired doesn't give me an excuse to lose my patience all day.  
Being tired doesn't mean I get to do nothing on my to do list.
(Unless sometimes it just does, and we're all allowed one of those days here and there.)

Being tired just means I have to try harder for the next 12 hours.  And then go to bed earlier that night.  

So, instead of wallowing about being tired, I decided to make pancakes for breakfast.  
(Sorry, Henry.  No eggs today.)
And while Andrew flipped them for me, I snuggled with Nelle at the table my husband made for our family with his two hands, 
and he and Henry started dancing to the music I had turned on just a few minutes earlier (another trick to snap out of being tired).  
They dance, and twirl, and dip.  Henry is squealing, Nelle's breath is growing slower and more even as she sinks onto my chest, 
and I want to remember this Saturday morning forever because there isn't anywhere else I'd rather be.
Even in bed.
Because one day, our babies will be grown, married and making pancakes for their own babies, and I'll miss this so.
 The start of something beautiful.  And oh, how I adore those chubby dimples on his hands above each finger.  My fave.