The Un-art of Multitasking

4.12.13 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I've realized something about myself these past few months.

I thought I was really amazing at multi-tasking, and it turns out...I'm really not.  

I always used the excuse of working full-time and running my business to put things off that needed to get done - laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, extra errands, etc.  Except now that I'm home, I don't have that as an excuse, and I've accepted I just don't like to focus on 
more than one big thing at a time.

So for the last three months, it's all, "I have shoots to edit" and nothing else.  And now that I wrapped that up for the year officially on Monday (high-kick, squeal, cheesy grin!), I've realized I probably should have refocused some energy on a few other things too.  It's in my DNA to keep my nose to the grind and work, work, work until the job is done (thanks, Dad!), but in this case, I kind of dropped the ball.

I'm 38 weeks pregnant today and already progressing (have been for three weeks) so there's a chance this babe may come early.  Or who knows.
 Not sure I thought through the short sleeved, short dress with a December due date.  Balmy 27 degrees with a north wind today. 

Nevertheless, the room isn't done, Andrew and I haven't packed for the hospital, we just a few days ago got the infant seat back into the car, 
and the things I'd hoped to have done by now aren't (i.e. Henry's first-year baby book).



We needed a current picture of Henry for the Hiawatha World's Christmas Cuties section by Friday (which I learned on Tuesday morning) so I thought I'd just do it later this week.  Except the most miserable cold front was on it's way so it was really now or never yesterday afternoon to take advantage of the last bit of sunshine and semi-warmth.  And now meant right after Henry had his 18-month appointment and shots.

So 10 minutes later...
 It's so funny when my mom just wants one smiling picture of me, and I won't look at her.  

I mean, really funny.

18-month photos - check.

No more excuses on that baby room!

Except it's date night, so no excuses starting tomorrow.