The Holidays are Here and a Baby Is Not

3.12.13 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I did something I haven't done since ever today over nap time.  And coincendentally, so did Henry.  Except mine was planned, and his wasn't.

#2 has made a habit the last week-ish of wedging his feet against my ribs, particularly at night which has in turn left me with what feels like bruised ribs and a sore back from trying to sleep in crazy weird positions trying to stretch my short torso out as much as possible.  That paired with my loosening ligaments leaving my hips sore after my run on Monday put me over the edge, and I gave in and called in extra support.  A prenatal massage for me over Henry's naptime today, and a willing neighbor (bless her!) to sit at our house should Henry happen to wake up early.

Henry was spunky (polite way for saying he kept knocking over the cardboard photo opp cutout while kids were trying to take their pictures and hit Layla) today at storytime so I should have known something was up today.  He didn't fall asleep right away for naptime.  
I left knowing he would in the next couple of minutes.

Nope, for the first time since transitioning to his big boy bed a couple of weeks ago (with absolutely no change in sleep habits), HE CRAWLED OUT.

And made a liar out of his mother.

He'll fall asleep any minute and sleep for at least two hours!



After a last-minute decision to stay home for Thanksgiving on Wednesday evening last week at 5pm (doctor preferred I not travel), 
we made the most of our last holiday as a family of three.  
Homemade pie making in progress.  My crust wasn't pretty, but I didn't have to use the backup Andrew bought at the store.  Insulting.

I volleyed back and forth thinking it was the most amazing blessing - more time with just the boys, more hours to edit my few remaining shoots, work on the baby's room, etc., and feeling guilty that we were missing out on much-needed quality time with siblings, cousins and parents.

It did give us a chance to throw together a scaled back Thanksgiving dinner and start a few traditions, complete with backyard football and festive Indian headdress crafting, plus continuing on a few others like parade watching and naps.  Must-haves.
Make-shift centerpiece when you can't use anything but things already at your house.

 Thanksgiving-Skype party!

 I thought he would ignore the parade, but he loved it.  We watched the Rockettes perform, and he high-kicked the rest of the day. 

Airplane sighting.  And my fave boy sighting. 

And after Thanksgiving had it's moment, we launched full blown into Christmas trying to enjoy as much of the season early on this month not knowing when our holiday cheer may be hijacked by new baby cheer.

Horse-drawn carriage rides, donut-breakfasts, wrapping, decorating, napping, movie-watching, and Clark Griswolding.

It seems trite to say we have so much to be thankful for this year.  Nonetheless, we do.
 Counting our blessings and anticipating all the season will bring us this year.  

And also counting ornaments and tree decor as Henry brings them to me throughout the day.  I think there were four "balls" today.

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  1. I can't even sum up my thoughts into a comment because I love everything in this post!

    It sounds like you are making the most out of your time as a family of 3...but things are about to get even more awesome and I CAN'T WAIT!!!!