Hammer Time

8.11.13 Ali Moore 1 Comments

I just got back from dropping Henry off at his first morning of Kids' Day Out.  He went right over to one of the staff, let them take off his jacket and scanned the room for something he wanted to play with.  No tears.  He looked at me a bit confused, but he seemed content so I left as quickly as I could so he couldn't change his mind about being okay with this new transition.  I'm so excited for him (and me!) to have this time to play with other kids, with other toys, and without the interruption of my errands and to-do's.  

Andrew and I have both always agreed that we wanted him to continue to get socialization even though he's not in full-time daycare since I stay at home now, and especially with #2 coming soon in the dead of winter, this special Henry-time where he can play and play and play is going to be something I think we both really need.  #2 will enjoy a few hours of undivided attention from mama, I can hopefully get in some extra work time, and Henry will continue to develop his skills and personality.
Oh his personality.  He really is a Ham.

He loves to laugh a loud har-har and then look around with the hugest grin to see if he can get any reciprocated laughs.  He had friends over last week for a backyard leaf party (aka, my parents haven't done yard work yet and the piles are forming themselves) and at one point when he and Greyson weren't tackling each other in the leaves, he stood up and screamed out of pure joy for a good solid 15 seconds, stopped and then ran off again to throw leaves and pull out Lyla's hair bow (for the third time?).  

He's repeating more and more words, trying to make them right.  He loves to spin in a circle, but not as much as he loves to hide, 
particularly under the table and chairs.  His giggles usually give him away.  That, and his little tushy sticking up and out.

He loves babies and wants to be close to them and touch them.  
He's learning about the features of our faces - eyes, ears, mouth and nose.  He loves to tickle and be tickled.  He hates his toothbrush.

He loves to respond to every question with "nah" for no and shake his head from side to side.  
Particularly when Willie the Wildcat tried to approach him last week at the game.  "Nah-nah!!"  
(Friends from afar right now, those two.)

He loves K-State.  He thinks every football game on the TV is K-State.  He recognizes purple and says, "K-Staayyyy?"  As soon as we pull up in the parking lot to tailgate at the Bill, he continues to point at the stadium and ask "K-Stayyy?  K-Staayyy?  K-Staaayyyy?"  

If he was at the point of being able to respond to the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?", I'm pretty sure he'd say trash man.  Thursdays are his favorite as they are trash day in our neighborhood, and our walking route depends on which way the trash truck is going.  
And then we hear "trah-truh" for the rest of the walk.

He's really growing up.  Quickly.
He makes me so proud.

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  1. Such a great post! And beautiful photos! I love his little tummy showing while playing in the leaves. So adorable!