All Hallows' Eve

3.11.13 Ali Moore 2 Comments

For going on what I think is three years now, Andrew and I have hosted a little Halloween get together.  It doesn't even qualify as a party; it's too casual, every contributes food and merriment, and costumes aren't required.  It's funny how it's evolved...from young married couples just using the holiday as an excuse to get together and drink wine, to babies that weren't even old enough to sit on their own last year, 
and now a full-blown trick-or-treat wagon parade with toddlers.

I'm not sure who had more fun this year - the parents or the kids - although looking back through pictures, you'd for sure think the parents 
as it appeared we had the most serious trick-or-treaters of the night.  Serious about getting candy or serious about getting 
home where they had their real party, toddling in and out of rooms, finding Ham's toys 
(after he crashed first...I know, a house full of girls, and he went to bed.  I expect this to continue in college.), 
scaling furniture, and trying a bit of their loot.  
 Fresh produce.  Baby carrot, Jake.

Meanwhile, after the adults enjoyed roadies meant to make them still feel young and not totally departed from their own days of Halloween bashes, Andrew and the boys enjoyed one of their favorite nights of the year - wearing scary costumes, hiding in our bushes and scaring our neighbor kids.  I heard legitimate screams from what seemed like the majority of those that dared to take candy from either a gorilla or a zombie, and thankfully we ran out of candy so I wouldn't be tempted to eat anymore than I already had that day.  
 Frank was trying to decide if he should take a bite of the HAM sandwich to see if it was real or not.

There were many times I let myself think about what this night would look like a year from now...two babies to dress in costume and tote around in the wagon together.  But mostly, I was able to stay in the present and take in the scene - the just chilly enough fall weather at dusk, damp roads scattered with orange, red and yellow fallen leaves, and a 20-person group of littles and parents taking it all in.

Not too shabby for a Halloween non-party.  


  1. Great photos of a fabulous entourage! So glad you stopped by. :)

  2. You are so creative! What a perfect costume for your HAM:). Looks like you all had a great time!