20.5.13 Ali Moore 6 Comments

Oh, what a day.

What a year.

And what a way to celebrate...with our village.

 Henry loved my hat.

 Horse saddle for photo opps. 
The "kids" took advantage.

Andrew made these beautiful wooden horses for all of the kids for party favors.  
Only catch - you had to participate in the horse race.

 And the main event!

 Such is life with Hank and Frank.
(Maybe not feeling so well after eating fried chicken bones, pie and cake?  At least he looks dapper in his own bow tie.)

This is a little segment I like to call, "Andrew had the camera."
(Which leads to...goal of the summer: #1 Teach Andrew how to use the camera.)

Not so bad yet...


 And, here we go.

 Yep.  That is supposed to be upside down.

 Reign it in.
Pun intended.

And finally taking a spin in the present Andrew fully restored.

It was a beautiful day for our beautiful boy.
Feeling blessed as we start Henry's 52nd week.

Happy Monday, all.


  1. What a fun party you had! Beautiful family!

  2. Gosh, I have been waiting on this FB party for a month. It is just as lovely...even more so...than I imagined it would be. The horses put it over the top. I can't wait to see what Year 2 will be. You know, once you set yourself up as Party=Thrower-Extraordinaire, there is no going back! Happy Birthday Ham. Great job mama...and daddio. LL

  3. LOVE that boy. LOVE those pics. Had so much fun! Andrew's photog skills made me LOL. Not sure how I feel about my husband looking at your husband like that...even though I have no idea what that look is...maybe just a cupcake crumb in his eye??

  4. Perfect, perfect, perfect :) Good job, momma! Now can you can you come to Texas and help me?

  5. What a fun theme! Great job Ali!