Merry & Bright

19.12.12 Ali Moore 0 Comments

I've been looking forward to December 25th, 2012 long before May 28th, 2012.

It's one of those idyllic moments in my head I thought about when I was daydreaming about being pregnant and about being a parent. 
How we get to choose how to do Christmas. 
Which traditions to carry on from each of our respective families and which to start new.

And now my daydream is becoming my reality.  And it's better than imagined.

 We've been crafting Henry's gifts to give because my mom always had us craft our gifts to share
with grandpas and grandmas, aunts and uncles when we were little.

Decorated the weekend after Thanksgiving and not a moment earlier.

 Been to meet Santa.

I found THE perfect first ornament for his stocking today after searching at no less than five stores.

Our Christmas Day meals are planned.

Andrew even had his very own Clark Griswold moment.

Henry's three Christmas gifts for this year are wrapped, one of which might just happen to be the cutest pair of Christmas jammers and a beautiful copy of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas that he will open after church on Christmas Eve because don't you remember begging to open  
just one of those packages under the tree taunting you during the days leading up to Christmas?

I wanted to write him a note on the inside cover of this possible book that he would love to hear in the next years. 
Probably roll his eyes at during his teenaged too-cool years. 
And love again when he becomes a father and understands just how special it is to relive Christmas again through your children.

I asked Andrew what we should write a few nights ago and he suggested we wait until after we read it to him for the first time to decide. 
Instead, we read it together that night and thank goodness for trial runs because I was so emotional
and Andrew is AWESOME at reading out loud. 

Henry is going to wonder why the book is so sad and what all of those stuttered words mean.


Just a few more days to go.  
Three more stocking stuffers to buy.  
 Cookie dough to make - Santa's going to need a snack.

A few more holiday movies to watch.

We're enjoying the coziness of the season. 

 My Pandora permanently set to Christmas radio.  Sharing the spirit with our neighbors. 
And them sharing it back - CAROLERS at our front door.  Made my night. 

Anticipating what's to come.
It's almost here.