Christmas Ham

30.12.12 Ali Moore 0 Comments

This is what Christmas looked like for 2012.
We traveled to both Manhattan and Hiawatha over the weekend so we could return to our house for  our first Christmas with Ham.  

We had about a day and a half with each of our families, which is never enough time, but we made the most of it, despite Henry being sick.

And when we made it back to Wichita, we really made it.




I found myself trying to will my brain to remember how this first Christmas with Henry felt like.

And smiling when I thought how different it will be next year.

Andrew and I fell into bed Christmas night and both commented how wonderful the entire day was.  

My parents came to share the day with us.  My mom and I cooked together.  She taught me how to make her chocolate pie. 
Andrew has made requests for it almost every day since.  

There are so many great traditions I want to start with Henry, but for his first year, we focused on the basics.  Church on Christmas Eve, jammies and reading.  Leaving cookies for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  Santa returned the favor.  

A special Christmas breakfast.  Playing with his new toys.  Lots of lounging.  A crackling fire.  A nice Christmas dinner.  

The day spent with loved ones - the greatest gift of all.