Love Conquers Cold

24.11.10 Ali Moore 3 Comments

Being a good friend means you do very unselfish things sometimes.  Because you want to.

So after a whirlwind of a vacation, and a trip to Hiawatha to attend a very fun wedding and take engagement pictures, I edited the engagement pictures first instead of my vacation pictures.  Because I know Halley (and Ryan?) can't wait for them.  Plus, I was pretty excited to share them.   

I'm so honored Halley asked me to take their pictures (thank you)...and be a bridesmaid in their wedding!  Can't wait!

Halley is probably the biggest ham I know.  She LOVES being in front of the camera.  Just ask her mom to see the family albums throughout the past 26 years of her life.  I've seen them all; the proof is in there.  Ryan, not sure you enjoyed our shoot as much as your fiancee, but you still smiled like a champ.  And played along with my antics.  Even if it was freezing.  For the record, Wichita was close to 30 degrees warmer that day.  Just saying.

We made the most out of the last few trees in Hiawatha still hanging on to their colorful leaves.  Love this.

Surprisingly, Hiawatha looks a lot different when you're skimming it for photo opps.  Love my small town, but Halley laughed when I said we'd find some urban looking spots.  I think we made out okay.  Not a skyline, but still not all cornfields and cows, either.

Halley loves America's Next Top Model.  Of course we had to channel her inner Tyra.  Can you tell her eyes are smiling? 

Hi, pretty eyes.

Loving this bright green.  Probably one of my faves.

What can I say, I love this shot.

Now you see them.

Now you don't.

Halley's mom bought her this awesome engagement gift.  The girl loves peacocks! 

Get it, girl.

And, that's a wrap.  :)

Enjoy love birds!  Napa pics up next...along with lots of cooking in my house today...and cleaning.  Bleh.  So maybe not Napa pictures today.  Soon.


  1. These are really good, but I can't wait for Napa pics! Ps- I think I took that pic of you and Andrew up top?! I love the new layout!

  2. Umm...these are awesome. Where do you find these gorgeous models?

  3. Amazing job!!! If you are back in the wath anytime soon, would love to have you take a little boy's 3 year old pictures :-)