13.3.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

On Monday night, I looked in the mirror as I started to get ready for bed
(at 9pm mind you - older age, earlier bedtime...or at least it should be so I wasn't so dang tired every morning) and laughed at my purple teeth.
Oh red wine, you get me every time. 

After a wonderful birthday of texts, calls, emails, zoo tripping with friends and littles on a near 80-degree weather day, dining al fresco, and cake eating with my favorite little guy, Andrew and I topped it off with our first fire pit night of the year where we sat with just the light of the fire
and adult beverages in hand.
It's the little things.

Birthday happenings since last Saturday.  Spoiled mama.

Cheers!  New trick for Henry last week.
Happy Thursday.  Happy springs-a-comin'.  Happy naptime.  Happy happy happy to you.