Back on the Horse

15.3.13 Ali Moore 4 Comments

I never intended to replace "normal" blogging with weekly Instagram updates with Henry.  
And what a nice surprise it has been to have his first year documented in such detail like that.

But it has made me lazy.

I miss crafting words and music and photos together to share our story.

Mostly, it makes me cringe when I think of how little I used my real camera to photograph my own family at home.  Unexcusable really.

So in February I vowed to take a photo a day with my Canon.  I think I missed two days.

Still a major success.  I LOVE these photos.  

These moments of Henry at eight months frozen in time.

Our real life.  Our crazy messy beautiful life.

February 5th - my favorite series from the month.

I don't know what took me so long.

It feels good to be back.


  1. These are sooo good! Glad you're back too, not that I didn't enjoy your updates and you will cherish those, too.

  2. These pictures are absolutely amazing!! Wowowowowowow. wow.

  3. Can you just move to Texas and take all my pictures for me?? Amazing!

  4. gorgeous pictures and what a beautiful little family you have!