Forever and Always

13.9.12 Ali Moore 3 Comments

When we got married, I thought I knew it all.
I knew you were the one I would grow old with.  
I knew I didn't care where we lived as long as we were together.
I knew you would always take care of me and protect me.
I knew how to push your buttons.
I knew you would push mine.
I knew I didn't care, and that we would get through good days and bad days.
I knew you were messy.  
(Okay, maybe I didn't know quite how messy.)
I knew you were proud and competitive and humble.
I knew you cheated at board games.
I knew you loved me, and I loved you.
I knew I loved this quote that we selected for the back of our wedding program.
 And, I thought I knew why.
 Last year, on September 13, 2011, we celebrated.
 Our third wedding anniversary.
And we celebrated the fact that God had blessed us with this little perfect human growing inside my belly
 after several months of hoping and disappointment and praying and wishing and trusting.
I have thought of our September 13, 2011 anniversary all day today.  

I have thought of how even though it was still days too early, I decided to take a pregnancy test because I just had a feeling.  

Finally.  The feeling.

And, how I took another one just to make sure.

And how I couldn't wait to tell you, but planned out a surprise for when you got home that afternoon.

And how I wanted to record telling you, but instead through nervousness pushed the stop button when you started reading your anniversary card out loud and pushed the start button when I set the camera down to hug you when you immediately started crying once you got to the end and read 
" are going to be a father in nine months..."

And seeing you finally break down after you had been so steadfast and calm during those summer months of uncertainty and 
understanding you wanted to be pregnant as much as I did, but knowing that you had needed to be strong for us.
I have thought about how happy we were at that moment, on our third wedding anniversary, 
just finding out we were pregnant and feeling so incredibly in love.

And I know how complete and loved and fulfilled I felt and how magical that moment was.

I thought I knew.
I thought I knew what life would bring us in the next year.
I thought I knew what it would be like to become a mother and to see you become a father.  I thought I knew how much I could love our baby.  
I thought I knew what it would be like when they placed Henry in my arms.  
I thought I knew it all.
It is so much more than what I thought I knew.  It is so much more than I can explain. 
Sharing parenthood with you is my biggest joy in life.  I look at Henry and cannot believe we created him.  
I know how big my heart feels and can't imagine being happier.

But, through four years of marriage I'm getting better.  
I know to expect great things.


Happy Anniversary, Andrew.
The best is yet to be.


  1. Holy cow. I'm a bawling, crying mess right now. This is beautiful, Ali. Happy Anniversary! Miss you!!

  2. Happy anniversary to a wonderful couple! So happy to call you friends.

    Love that quote...that was our wedding song!! ;) so sweet!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Moore!!! This is simply amazing and your words couldn't be more eloquent! You brought tears to my eyes. Henry couldn't have two better parents. Enjoy many more to come!