Hank Loves Jesus!

16.7.12 Ali Moore 1 Comments

There are a lot of things I've learned about motherhood in these seven weeks since Hank's birth.

Things you would expect, like the unbelievable love I feel for Henry.  And how I love Andrew even more when I see them together.

And the worrying.  About everything and nothing.  Even poop.  Especially poop.

And then there are the things I didn't expect.

 Like how a productive day goes from cleaning my entire house, washing, drying, folding and putting away all the laundry, cooking dinner, working out, running errands, and editing a shoot to taking a shower, walking the dog, getting Henry to nap throughout the day in his crib and
maybe making a PB&J for dinner.

Like how weepy I would be about every milestone, big or small.
(Trying not to cry here.)

And how much I give and give and give to grow and nourish my little one and how hard it is, but at the same time how proud it makes me.

And giving up choosing a family picture based on how I look and instead choosing it on how the babe looks.  (Oh come on...you know you do this too.)

(Henry wailing.)

(Henry not looking and Andrew being ridiculous.)

(Hair blowing in my face, but Henry is so cute!  And could he look more like Andrew?)

It's also pretty awesome being the mother and whatever you say goes.

Yes, we are going to wear matching outfits.

 Yes, you are going to wear the christening gown my mom made and my brother, sister and I all wore.  No, Andrew, it's not a dress.

 The cake I ordered for Henry's baptism didn't turn out as I expected, it was 100+ degrees so grilling was probably pretty miserable for Andrew, and I was exhausted after getting up a 4am to feed Henry and then not being able to go back to sleep because I was too busy thinking about everything that needed to be done to get ready for lunch at our house after church.

More lessons for sure.

But, it doesn't matter because Henry was surrounded by his village of people that promise to love and support him as he grows.  In life and in faith.

And we are grateful.

And blessed.
(You will learn.  Look at the camera and I won't make you take as many pictures.)

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  1. I love these last 2 posts Ali :) So good getting to catch up in the middle of the day when I was driving to an appt on my lunch break - made my day a whole lot better! Hank looks so cute in his gown and you look stunning!! I'm super excited to get this baby here so I can feel somewhat normal again!!!