Father's Day

17.6.12 Ali Moore 2 Comments

One of our neighbors always gives Andrew a hard time about being cheap.  In a joking, loving kind of way, but also because, well...
she knows he doesn't like spending money.  And, he doesn't care.  Completely unapologetic about this.  

Case in point, during our first year of marriage when we lived in our apartment, one of our bedroom doors didn't stay open.  It shut on its own unless you propped it open with something.  I told him I was going to buy a doorstop the next time we went to Target.  He told me not to...he could make one.  He said he could pretty much make or fix anything.  And, usually he's right.  

(For the record, I did buy the doorstop.)

I admire him so much for always being willing to put in the extra time DIY takes, especially from this past 10 months when I was pregnant with Henry and couldn't help as much with projects as I normally would.  

But, the downfall to this quality is that he never EVER spends money on himself.  Even when he deserves it.  Especially when he deserves it.

So, I wanted to make his first Father's Day special.  I wanted something to mark this monumental event in his life.
I wanted to give him something he would never get himself.

Henry and I surprised him with breakfast, cards and a monogrammed leather weekender bag.  One that he can have for years
and remember when he uses it that he got it to celebrate how wonderful he is for our family.  And how much we love him.  

And, in true Andrew-fashion, he loved the breakfast, breezed through the cards
and couldn't believe we would spend that kind of money on him for his gift.  

And, in true Dad-fashion, I'm pretty sure he loved the last gift we got him the most.

A framed picture of his family for his desk at work.

(Which I LOVE and also got peed on three times to get this shot, but it was worth it!)

Happy Father's Day.


  1. Happy Father's Day to Andrew! Henry is so perfect...I love these pictures!!!!

  2. These pictures make me smile. Happy 1st Father's Day, Andrew!