Da Bears

5.11.14 Ali Moore 0 Comments

My alarm clock isn't working well.
Instead of going off between 6:30 and 7am it's been starting to sound around 5:30am and just keeps getting louder and louder the longer I let it talk.

"Mommmeeeeeeeey.  I awake!  Where are yewwwwwwwwww?"

If nothing else, Henry is consistent.  

On our third year of time changes with him, I've come to expect that he doesn't adjust quickly.  In fact, I think it gets worse before it gets better as moving his bedtime back has always produced inverse results from what would be expected: a later wake-up time.  

And, on our third year of trick-or-treating (years one and two), he didn't waver, continuing to be stoic.  
Bearing (yep, on purpose) the hardship this year of wearing the too-small bear costume for the sake of others' enjoyment.  
Mainly mine.  

I mean, don't feel too badly for him.  I think he ate candy for 30 minutes straight after we got home checking out his loot and then just stealing directly from our candy bowl and having the nearest adult open it for him after Andrew and I tried hiding his in the coat closet.  (Until the candy bowl made its way outside onto the lap of a Halloween staple...Andrew in his gorilla costume.  Then all toddlers took turns being completely confused and scarred by the gorilla lingering on our porch.)

We inducted five new trick-or-treaters to the group this year.

 After three years, I'm sure they'll find their place in the group, just like Henry has.  And maybe learn to sleep past the crack of dawn.