The Scale Doesn't Lie

26.2.12 Ali Moore 7 Comments

Well, those five pounds in four weeks were real.  

Check out the belly!

Pat had a growth spurt...or so I like to say.  

As of yesterday, I'm 28 weeks preggo.  I started my SEVENTH month of being pregnant.  And we are now in the third and final trimester.
We go to the doctor every two weeks now.

Oh boy.

(Or a girl...)

I'm still feeling good...waking up several times a night because I get tired of sleeping on my left side, trying to deal with some inconvenient back pain, but really very, very good.  I have just loved being pregnant.  Love all of the kicks, the wishing and anticipation and absolutely even my growing belly.

Time if flying by.

Work is busy.  Photography is busy.  Life is busy.  

We've been fitting in work here and there on the baby's room when we can.

Andrew knocked out some book shelves that we hung under the west window next to the chair and ottoman to create a little reading nook.

Notice we are already starting a book collection for Baby M!  I have only bought a few things for the baby besides room necessities and decor, and I'm obsessed with one of these books.

First, I love board books.  Second, this is a collection from artist Alexander Girard and it is FULL of amazing colors and patterns and cute copy.
Let's be honest - I bought this for myself.

The second thing(s) I bought for the babe were the only cute gender neutral clothes I've seen thus far.

From Old Navy no less.

Three grey and cream onesies that match the nursery perfectly - one plain, one striped and one chevron.  It was meant to be.

Especially hanging there on my favorite Ikea purchase from our Dallas/Cotton Bowl trip in January.

I cannot get over these dog tail hooks!  OBESSED.  They make me smile every day.

Every.  Day.

It's details time and things are coming together.

More to come...

Frank can't stand the excitement.


  1. You look adorable! And I am SO sick so sleeping on my side and I'm only 18 weeks!!! Glad to know that someone else is not a regular side sleeper - I feel like I wake up like 4 times just to move around!! You are almost there!!!

  2. Those dog hooks are so freakin' cute!! The room looks awesome, you look awesome.

  3. Wow time is flying!!! Can't wait for Pat to be here..... I think that should be his/her name for real. Or at least the middle name.

  4. Wow, for a second I thought I was looking at Project Nursery…it looks a-mazing! And you too!

  5. Ali Moore, don't be buying things for the babe, that's what friends and fam are for. I thought that onesie set was just too perfect for baby Moore...I will be returning mine now...

  6. PS - the room looks those book shelves!!